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Harda iClean smart touchless faucet

0.2s Water Response 

The fastest water response motion sensor faucet on the current market, only 0.2s!

No Touch, No Virus

Harda iClean adopts 100% touch free design which prevents your family from germs and virus.

Be safe and stay healthy!

Easy Installation

Exclusive patents of Quick-install mounting nut and hose connection system perfectly solve the principal problem of getting a home kitchen faucet.

70% of installation time saved, do it yourself and save the labor costs!

Always a Right Spray

Only a click to switch between stream spray and sweep spray.

Stream Spray: Soft and concentrated stream, great for hand washing, fruit washing, getting water and other daily use.

Sweep Spray: Powerful and wide spray area, perfect for stain washing of dishes and sinks.

Pull-down Head & Auto Docking

Pull down the soft and flexible water hose, spray water wherever you want!

Harda iClean patented magnetic docking technology helps you easily put the water hose in place.

Temperature Display

In case children and vulnerables get burnt by hot water, Harda iClean features a led light on body which can show current temperature of water.

Blue Light: < 85℉
Green Light: 85℉ ~ 105℉
Red Light: 105℉ ~ 115℉
Flashing Red Light: > 115℉

Harda iClean VS Other Brands

Safe to Use

Globally recognised certifications of NSE, WRAS guarantee the materials used, and IAPMO Research and Testing 100% ensures your health and safety with Harda iClean.

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